Scientists have developed a method to print human skin

Scientists have developed a method to print human skin

Spanish researchers have managed to print human skin that has exactly the same properties as the real thing. The new method will primarily be used for transplants, but will also prove useful in various dermatological tests.

Human tissue printing technology is the future of medicine. Lungs, cartilage or skóra from a printer, it no longer sounds like science fiction. Imagine printed organs from comórek patient, whoówhich the body does not reject after transplantation. This is a revolution in transplantology. Thusób can produce replacements for almost any organ. Centers are now being set up around the world working to improve this method.

A big step in this direction was made by Spanish biologists. They have successfully printed a functional human skóhand, whichóra just as the natural skóra has the outer layer of the epidermisórk for protection, a thicker layer, whichóra acts as skóra specific and a layer made of comófibroblastóin, whichóre in turn produce collagen and other proteins that give skórze elasticity.

The new method of printing skóry was developed by researchers from the University of Charles III in Madrid, together with colleagues from the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research and the University Hospital of Madrid. Gregorio Marañóon the coóhe collaboration with BioDan Group.

According to twórców, skóra from the printer is impossible to odróThe fact that it is different from natural. Researchers are able to print 100 centimetersóin square skóry in less than 35 minutes. The product has passed tests and has been successfully used to treat burns and traumatic wounds. Currently, the artificial skóra is undergoing a phase of inspection in róThe following regulatory agencies in Europe.

In addition to the medical applications of printed skóry, this product can find application in testing rósnorr productóIn chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmeticów. It is the first of its kind, whichóry will be launched on the market. This will be the responsibility of the BioDan Group, która has taken part in research.

Skóra from the printer is produced using a special bio-ink. It’s a product similar to ordinary printer ink, except that it’s created from an ingredientów, with których is built skóra – this is what the skóra intended for test purposesów. For medical applications, the bio-ink is made from comópatient records.

The research was published in the electronic version of the scientific journal „Biofabrication”.

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