In 2022 we are in for an amazing space spectacle

An amazing cosmic spectacle awaits us in 2022

The upcoming collision of dwóch stars were observed by Professor Larry Monar of Calvin College, along with colleagues at Apache Point Observatory and the University of Wyoming. Scientists have located the system of subócontact system – KIC 9832227, consisting of orbiting around theó³ each other’s stars. The stars will merge to form the so-called. new red.

Researchers analyzed similar events observed in 2008 in the constellation Scorpio (V1309 Scorpii). Then, too, a new red after the merger of the system subójne contact.

Scientists porównali so called. brightness curves (the relationship between an object’s brightness and time) from moments before that event with data from KIC 9832227 and found that they are almost identical. After making calculations, researchers determined the date of the cosmic fireworksów for 2022.

The collision will occur in the constellation Swan, 1,800 light years away from the solar system. The collision will be accompanied by a powerful red-colored flare. The stellar magnitude will be 2, which means that the explosion will róas bright as the Polar Star. The new red will be visible through the pół year.

– To the end, we don’t know if we correctly predicted the date of the collision, but for the first time in history we could make such predictions. If we are wrong, it will be possible to tell in 2022 without using a telescope – joked Monar.

The work of a team of scientistsów will also be used in a documentary film "Luminous", którego trailer can be seen below.

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