British and Czech researchers have built a super laser;

British and Czech researchers built the "super laser"

Central Laser Facility (CLF) and High average power pulsed laser (HiLASE) researchers are behind the development of the new technology. The laser has been named Bivoj, a reference to the mythical Czech strongman. The device cost 48 millionóin dollar termsów.

Tomas Mocek, head of HiLASE boasted that Bivoj broke the magic 1,000-watt barrieróIn medium power. – This is a huge step forwardód, like an Olympic victory – assessed.

There are more powerful lasers in the world. Or more specifically, two. The first one developed by American scientists – Texas Petawatt Laser located in Austin, Texas, whichóry achieves peak power on the order of a petawatt. The second is the Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments located in Osaka, whichóry achieves similarly dizzying power. However, in both cases this is a peak, and the Czech-British device boasts a 1,000-watt average power output.

– These lasers (it’s about the monsters from the US and Japan mentioned early on – footnote. red.) have very high peak power, but can only reach it a few times a day – said Mocek. – Our laser has the highest average power, which is very important – added.

The machine weighs about 20 tons and could find applications in the aeronautics, automotive and energy sectors.

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