The Astronomical Almanac for 2012 was published

The Astronomical Almanac for 2012 has been released

The Polish Astronomical Society (PTA) has issued a free publication containing data on a variety of astronomical phenomena in 2017. The almanac is available electronically on the Urania portal, as well as for mobile devices.

The astronomical almanac has a long-standing tradition. Retrieved from „Astronomical calendar” published between 1992 and 2008 by the Polish Society for the Amateuróin Astronomy (PTMA). The continuation of the calendar was just the almanac, published since 2008. In 2015, the Polish Astronomical Society, an organization of professional astronomers, became the publisher of the almanaców.

The 2017 edition of the almanac has 274 pages containing rótion of tables, lists, charts, maps and descriptions for them. The range of phenomena for whichórych contained ephemeris is very wide. The publication is useful for bothówno people who want to check, for example, about whichóthe hour a planet enters, as well as specialists in the field, observing celestial bodies with a more scientific approach.

– The almanac is intended to cover the entirety of observational issues. It also serves the function of a calendar. It is a useful tool for all osób, whichóre interested in astronomical phenomena visible in the sky. Zarówno those whoóre can be described as the most common occurrences in our daily lives, such as sunrises and sunsets, right down to those observed by those passionate about particularólnymi departments of observational astronomy, such as the. star coverings by asteroids -explains Dr. Tomasz Sciężor of the Cracow University of Technology, author of the almanac of.

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