New Year’s Eve party will last a second longer

New Year’s Eve party will last a second longer

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service of the International Association of Geodesy (IERS) has announced that it will be necessary to adjust watches on New Year‘s Eve by one second. All this to more precisely coordinate time with the rotation of the Earth.

The last time a single second was added was in July 2015. This is related to the slower rotation of the Earth, the influence of the Moon, the movement of theóin the masses inside our planet and other factorsów. Slower RPMót causes opóThe delay compared to extremely precise clocksóin atomic, które daily traffic oscillates around 1.5-2 milliseconds. Therefore, every now and then it is necessary to add a so-called “leap second. leap second.

Adding a second primarily reflects on the work of róThe systemóin computer. Seconds are added at irregular intervals, so this cannot be programmed in advance, and computers adjust their clocks to the nearest hundredth of a second.

Last time, services such as LinkedIn and FourSquare suffered, to których could not be logged. Obedience refusesóalso caused someóre ticket reservation systemsóin airplanes, as a result of which flights were canceled. Problems can also occur in satellite navigation.

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