NASA has released a video of the landing on Titan

NASA has released a video of the landing on Titan

The footage shows the surface of Titan from the moment the Huygens lander reached an altitude of 10 kilometersóIn over Saturn’s moon. Thanks to the video released by NASA, we can admire Titan’s rock formations chopped by deep gullies. The material was enriched with several animations showing the process of landing próbnika from a different perspective than Huygens’ cameras.

Huygens settled on the surface of Titan on June 15, 2005. The very process of the lander detaching from the Cassini probe and settling on the moon took 2.5 hours. The lander at the time, thanks to the instruments installed on it, took measurements of theów and sent them via a probe to Earth. Huygens also took hundreds of photographs at the time, thanks to whichórym the above video was created.

Thanks to these measurements, our knowledge of Titan has changed. We have been introduced to a wonderful new world, whichóa patient that the scientists were delighted with. Titan is the only moon in the solar system to have a dense atmosphere. It is larger than the smallest planet in our system – Mercury. There are lakes on its surface, whichóHowever, it is not filled with water, but liquid methane.

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