Giant formation in the atmosphere of Venus

Giant formation in the atmosphere of Venus

The image was taken thanks to Japan’s Akatsuki space probe. At first glance, it looks as if Venus is smiling at us. However, it is actually a giant formation in a dense atmosphere „twins of the Earth”.

The Akatsuki probe was launched in 2010 and its mainóThe main task is to study the atmosphere of Venus. It was supposed to enter the planet’s orbit the same year, but due to a malfunction this maneuver did not succeedódl. Only after a wok wandering for five yearsóof the Sun, experts from JAXA (Japan Aerospace Agency) have renewed their próI will enter orbit, whichóra this time was successful.

Venus is often called „sister of Earth” or „twin planet”. Its size is porócomparable to the size of Earth. It is the closest planet to Earth. It has a very dense atmosphere and rotates wokół its own axis in the opposite direction to most planets in the Solar System.

Observed by infrared imaging instruments of the Akatsuki probe, the formation extends 10,000. kilometerów w górnal layers of Venus’ atmosphere. Interestingly, the structure appeared to stand still for several days.

Scientists believe that the observed phenomenon is the so-called “spider”. Atmospheric gravitational wave (displacement oscillation in fluid mechanics) created by oscillation of masses of Venus’ dense atmosphere. Such waves are associated with the forces of gravity and buoyancy. Arise in rósion, At the point of collision currentóin ascending. They also form at the boundary between the horizontal layers of the atmosphere or at the interface between the atmosphere and the surface. Researchers also point out that the formation may be related to the Venusian g-bandórski called Aphrodite Terra, whichóry reaches up to five kilometersóat.

Such atmospheric formations have been seen before, but the current one is the largest yet observed in the Solar System.

Observations made by Japanese scientistsóin have been published in the journal „Nature Geoscience”.

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