Cats match the intelligence of dogs

Cats match the intelligence of dogs

Dogs are not at all smarter than cats. Japanese researchers have proven that cats have the same kind of episodic memory as dogs. This shows that common dachshunds use advanced cognitive processes.

Cats are as good as dogs in memory tests. This is according to the work of Japanese researchers, któThe researchers conducted experiments I 49 domestic furries. Common dachshunds, like their canine counterparts, can also recall single memories of pleasant experiences, such as eating a favorite snack.

According to a paper by Saho Takagi of Kyoto University, cats have a so-called “episodic memory”. episodic memory. – Cats, like dogs, can recall a single experience from memory. This could mean that they have episodic memory similar to humans – said a Japanese scientist.

Episodic memory is a type of long-term memory and is associated with events, któthat happened to the individual. It is also known as event memory. The events are embedded in memory along with the context of the – place, time or other people. Episodic memory also stores reciprocal relationships between events.

This type of memory retains oprócz events and context róalso its own feelings, its own perspective of previous events. This means that this memory is unique to each individual. It is believed that any animal thatóre has an episodic memory, is expected to róalso an advanced form of cognition.

To date, no rooftop cats have been foundóin this type of memory, but this may be influenced by their lack of wspóThe cooperation (or rather, wspócooperation, but on their terms) and poor attention span. Until now.

The previously mentioned experiment involved testing the ability of catsów to remember, from whichórej bowls they have already eaten. To this end, food was given to the cats and, in the middle of the meal, they were brought out of the room in which theórym they consumed. They were allowed to wrócic again after 15 minutes.

Scientists closely observed the behavior of catsóin and have determined that the furries were well aware of whichórej bowls have already eaten. This means that the cats were able to recall the, „what” i „Where”, Which in turn suggests that they have episodic memory.

– Cats can be as smart as dogs, which stands in contrast to the popular belief that dogs are much smarter – stressed Takagi.

The findings were published in „Behavioural Processes”.

SourceóSource: Behavioural Processes, BBC, Photo. kasiadziem/Pixabay

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