There is no such thing as non-GMO food;

"There is no such thing as non-GMO food"

University of Wroclaw biotechnologist Professor Jan Szopa-Skórkowski admitted in an interview with that, according to him, there is no such thing as non-GMO food. He also noted that the first manipulation of genes took place 12-13 thousand years ago.

The professor acknowledged that the public has already been educated about genetically modified foods – GMOS. He added that as a society we have accepted that genes are everywhere and that we eat them. We are no longer so frightened by their consumption, however, we have reservations about consuming geneóin modified.

Shed-Skórkowski pointed out that the first manipulation of genes, although unconscious, but took place about 12-13 thousand years ago. This, according to the professor, is selecting the most fertile seeds from specimensóin, whichóre have adapted to difficult conditionsóin and crossing them with each other.

– We didn’t realize that these were genetic manipulations, but it was already happening at the time. PóThen the history of genetics repeats itself, but at a higher and higher level of understanding. Today we do exactly the same thing. We are exposing organisms to rótive conditions, we infect with microorganisms, act with chemical mutagens, ionizing radiation, that is, we act quite brutally, in order to induce genetic diversification – explained the biotechnologist.

Professor Szopa-Skórkowski admitted that, in his opinion, there is no such thing as non-GMO food. – Man is still figuring out how to improve it, there are only ever more subtle techniques thatóre allow a more informed choiceór of what is better. This is guided not only by phenotype (large, wet, dry type), but róAlso with intrinsic properties (pro-health, anti-inflammatory, anti-bólowe), whichóre using genetics and biochemistry techniques, we can impart or enhance, and further use the – said the scientist.

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