The salutary effects of the Mediterranean diet on the brain

Salutary effects of the Mediterranean diet on the brain

Teamsół scientistsóA study from the University of Edinburgh has shown that the use of a diet of śróhe volume of the mózgu. The researchers collected dietary data from nearly 1,000 70-year-oldsóin whichóThey did not have any symptomsóin dementia. After three years, half of them were invited to an MRI mózg to determine the volume of mózgu, gray matter and the thickness of the bark móocclusion. After another three years, 401 people were reexaminedób MRI. The results obtained poróThe study’s findings were correlated with the diet used by the participantóIn research.

The staple of the diet of the middleóThe seabed is primarily fish, seafood, vegetables and grains. Fruits, olive oil, dairy products and wine in moderation are also important elements of the diet. The menus do not include red meat dishes, którego should be avoided when following this diet.

The results show that people who did not strictly follow the diet had significantly greater losses of mózgu from osób following the recommendations of the ¶r dietóthirteen meters. Similar results were obtained considering other factors affecting the volume of mózgu such as age, education level or diseases (diabetes, hypertension). No róm differences in the volume of gray matter and thickness of the cortex mózgowa, które would depend on the diet used.

– Our research indicates that the diet ¶róThe dean can provide long-term protection of the mózgu. Mózg of each person shrinks with age. We are losing comórek mózg, which affects memorization or even learning efficiency – explained Dr. Michelle Luciano of the University of Edinburgh, who was behind the study. – Our work has shown that a diet of śróThe de-nominee is one of the factorsóin, whichóry has a positive effect on the health of mózgu even in old age – added.

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