The finalists in the Google Lunar X Prize have been selected

The finalists in the Google Lunar X Prize have been selected

The competition is organized by the X PRIZE Foundation, and the mainóThe main sponsor is Google. The condition of the competition is to land on the Moon by the end of 2017, travel a distance of 500 metersów and taking and transmitting to Earth high quality photos and videoów of the venture.

The first prize of the Google Lunar X Prize is 20 millionóin the dollarów. Second place is rewarded with 5 millionóin dollarsów. In addition, there are also cash prizes for visiting the Apollo mission landing site or finding water on the Moon. The competition was announced in 2007.

Five teams qualified for the finalsów.


Japanese teamół, który designed a rover called Moonraker.

Moon Express

Amongód finalistów is also the American company Moon Express. This company wyróIt differs from the other finalistsów. The heads of the company, regardless of whether they win the competition, intend to establish a mining base on the Moon in the future for the resources found thereóin the natural. Our satellite itself is called ósmym continent. The company has already collected from donorsóin 45 millionóin the dollarów.


Israeli company SpaceIL, based in Tel Aviv, has designed a rover called Hooper. It is intended to land on the Moon, but will not ride on it, but fly over its surface.

Photo SpaceIl

Synergy Moon

Synergy Moon intends to send its rover to the Moon using a rocket of its own design. The rocket is called Neptune 8, but other than the name, nothing else is known about it. In the video below you can see the tests of this rocket.

Team Indus

A team also made it to the finalsół Team Indus. Teamół This one intends to land on the moon with the help of a rocket of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) agency.

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