Spinning circles of ice have been recorded on a river in Michigan

Spinning circles from ice on a river in Michigan have been recorded

Jason Robinson recorded an amazing phenomenon on a river in Vestaburg, Michigan, US. A large ice disk rotating counterclockwise was recorded last week.

A swirling ice disk forming on rivers has already appeared in the media several times. This was accompanied by speculation about extraterrestrial beings whoóre created this phenomenon. However, there is nothing unearthly about this rare natural phenomenon.

Scientists most often explain the phenomenon by the contact of cold and dense air with the vortex forming on the river. This is the so-called. The slick, the effect of freezing of a watercourse. Ice crystals then form on the surface of the water, whichóre with time grouping. When the rotating effect caused by the vortex is added, the result is a rotating ice disk.

But there are some objections to the above theory. Such rotating circles have been observed many times. Several discs have often been seenów o róof different sizes in one place. If the phenomenon was caused solely by the vortex, the smaller circles would spin faster. And this has not been observed. Large and small disks rotate at a similar rate. On top of that, this phenomenon has also been observed in still waters, e.g. On lakes where whirlpools do not appear. The disks, however, rotated.

Experts dealing with this phenomenon, mainównie Stéphane Dorbolo of the University of Liége believe that this phenomenon is related to some yet-to-be-studied properties of the water. The density of the water and the temperature of the watercourse itself as well as the air are of great importance here.

Despite the efforts of researchers, there remains some mystery in this phenomenon, which makes it even more interesting.

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