Roskosmos is the need to build a lunar orbital station

Roskosmos: there is a need to build a lunar orbital station

Igor Komarov, head of the Federal Space Agency – Roskosmos, admitted at a cosmonaut conference that there is a need to build an international lunar orbital station. The first time the Russians talked about this type of station was nearly a decade ago.

– To finance preparations for the exploration of the Moon and Mars is required wspóinternational cooperation and will not do without the participation of private investors in the ventureów – said Igor Komarov, whoórego is quoted by the Russian Press Agency TASS. According to Komarov, a lunar orbital station is essential for further space conquest.

The head of Roskosmos admitted that plans to build a lunar orbital station are extremely promising. However, he pointed out that the venture will have financing problems, so private sector participation is essential. – Plans to build a station in the orbit of the moon should start now – emphasized Komarov.

The first designs for a space station in orbit around the moon were made 10 years ago. According to them, the station would consist of twoóch residential parts. In addition, it was planned to put one of the segmentów on the surface of the moon. During the announcement of the projectóIn 2007, it was assumed that such a station would be built by 2030.

– The creation of an international station in lunar orbit is currently under discussion – Komarov said. He added that the establishment of such a station is a necessity if we want to develop lunar and Martian programs.

TASS agency in a communiqué reminded róalso that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said last November that work in this direction had already begun at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The idea here is to prepare documentation and develop a carrier rocket to begin work on a scientific research station in lunar orbit.

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