Primates could disappear from Earth’s surface within 50 years

Primates could disappear from Earth’s surface within 50 years

60 percent. primate species are threatened with extinction due to human activities, reports "Science Advances". In the next 50 years there may be a mass extinction of our closest relatives.

Primatologists – scientists working on primates, analyzed data from the so-called “endangered” primates. Red Book maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN), whichóra contains a list of speciesóat the endangered. Data supplemented by UN reports show that the situation of more than 500 species ofóin primates is fatal.

Researchers led by Dr. Alejandro Estrada of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Professor Paul Garber of the University of Illinois examined what threats lurk in primates and what measures are being taken to protect them.

The analysis shows that in 75 percent of the. gatunkóIn primates, the population has drastically decreased, with 60 percent of the. of them may disappear from the face of the Earth in the next 25-50 years. Primates are endangered and without our help wkrótce may disappear from the surface of the Earth.

GovóThe main factor threatening primates is human activity. It is primarily concerned with the growing and increasingly dynamic expansion of terrainóin agricultural. This expansion is preceded by the clearing of vast tracts of forestów. The effect of such activity is that primates are deprived of their natural habitat.

But these are not the only threats lurking in the primates. To those already mentioned should be added poaching, hunting and human snares. Not without significance are also climate changes, whichóre can accelerate the extinction of speciesów.

Researchers are sounding the alarm that it is necessary to increase the protection of these animals. The crisis may be averted, but without action in this direction, more than half of the species may soon become extinctóin primates.

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