Powerful iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

Powerful iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

A month ago, we reported on a massive crack in the Larsen Shelf Glacier. The cracking of the glacier has greatly accelerated and the Larsen C glacier could disintegrate at any time. If this happens, one of the largest gór ice known to science.

The entire Larsen Shelf Glacier is about a quarter the size of Poland. The glacier has been split into three fragments. Larsen A, is the smallest part of it. It disintegrated in 1995. Larsen B disintegrated in 2002. Larsen C is the largest fragment and seemed stable until recently.

Photo: MIDAS/Swansea University/Aberystwyth University

Photo. MIDAS/Swansea University/Aberystwyth University

Researchers at Britain’s Swansea University believe that the last 20 kilometers of theóIn the ice, whichóre still holding the Larsen C glacier together, it will disintegrate in the coming months. When it happens, there will be a góra ice the size of half of the governorateóopolski dzivod.

Experts point out that the detachment of góry of ice from the Larsen C glacier will accelerate the process of disintegration and melting of the entire glacier. It is estimated that if the entire Larsen Shelf Glacier melted, the level of the mórow and oceanóin wzrófaint by 10 centimetersów. It is not clear whether this will happen.

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