Poland’s first commercial satellite in orbit next year

Poland’s first commercial satellite to be launched next year

Poland’s first commercial satellite is to be launched into space as early as the first quarter of next year. But the SatRevolution company’s plans are more ambitious. The heads of the company intend to put tens of thousands of satellites into orbit to observe the Earth in real time.

Polish commercial satellite creates spóSatRevolution, whichóra is a relatively young entity. Has been operating on the market since 2016. People formerly associated with the mobile game industry are behind it. Twórcy of a leading Polish game company – T-Bull, have decided to enter the space technology industry. Their goals are far-reaching, they want to become the first, Polish entity, specializing in the design and production of satellitesów for international space agencies and the public and private sectors.

The first Polish commercial satellite is to be launched in the first quarter of next year by a Neptune N3 rocket from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. Along with Swiatowid, two Rusalka will be launched into orbit – nano-satellites also created by the Wroclaw-based company SatRevolutione.

Glóhe Svyatovid’s main task will be to study the level of the Earth’s magnetic field intensity and investigate changes in the magnetic and gravitational fields of our planet. The satellite will also be capable of observing weather changes and phenomena in the thermosphere. The data obtained by Swiatowid will be usable in meteorology, oceanography, geology and cartography.

The company also plans to build an online platform, on whichóThe platform will contain data from Swiatowid. Another goal is to put thousands of Svyatovid-like satellites into orbitów, whichóre will work in the so-called. swarm. It is planned that the satellites will be equipped with róThe company will launch two Rusalka satellites into orbit, with different instruments – imaging, spectrometric or research – and they will implement rótional tasks. They are to communicate with each other, to send the collected data to Earth.

– Our goal is to observe the Earth in real time. Tens of thousands of satellites are needed for thisów, here mówimy about 30-50 thousand. Large companies today launch 4-5 thousand each. satelliteóat a time – said at a press conference wspóSatRevolution founder Grzegorz Zwolinski.

Swiatowid is made of a special aluminum alloy, which will make it immune to all kinds of vibrations and cosmic radiation. Rapid temperature fluctuations from minus 150 degrees C. C. up to 300 st. C., któThe space shuttle will also not be subjected to any great harm. Swiatowid’s weight does not exceed 2 kilogramsów. The satellite is 10 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters wideów, and its length is 20 centimetersów.

– Swiatowid will be a prototype, whichóry will allow us to see how much more in satellite construction technologyóin we have to do, what we need to improve in it. On the basis of the experience gathered while working on Swiatowid, our next satellites will be created – explained another of the twórcóIn company – Damian Fijalkowski.

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