Israel is building the world’s tallest solar tower

Israel builds world’s tallest solar tower

A 250-meter-high solar tower is growing in the Negev desert. Around it will be installed 50 thousand heliostats. With the power plant under construction, Israel will cover energy needs of about five percent. residents.

In Israel, where the sun is not in short supply, only a small amount of energy is obtained from solar farms. In the poreównaniu with someóWith other countries experiencing much worse weather conditions, Israel pales in comparison. The fledgling solar energy industry próThis will change the large-scale project. The world’s tallest solar tower is under construction there.

Israeli engineers aim to cover 10 percent of the. The country’s entire energy needs from solar power. Currently it is about 2.5 percent. The project in the Negev desert will cover the energy needs of about five percent of. residentsóin the country. It has been divided into three plots of land, on which theórych will be installed three róFEW solar energy technologies. The fourth will also be developed, but in the future. A 250-meter tower will stand in the center.

This is Israel’s largest renewable energy project. The power plant is scheduled to take off in 2018. The Ashalim project takes its name from a village in the central Negev desert. According to the plan, 50,000 mirrors will stand around the tower – so-called. heliostatów. They will produce about 310 megawattsóin energy.

The solar power plant under construction in Israel will not be the largest in the world at all. It is far from the structure located in California, where 170 thousand heliostats are installedów.

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