First images of a recently discovered coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon River

First images of recently discovered coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon River

The coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon is not small at all. It is almost 1,000 kilometers longów, and its entire surface area covers almost 9500 kilometersóin square. It was the turbid waters of the Amazon River that caused the reef to hide from human sight for so long. The reef was first described last year in the pages of the journal „Science Advances”.

Greenpeace environmentalists are warning that this newly discovered natural wonder may not survive in a clash with oil companies, które planning to drill in the area. All in the hands of the Brazilian government, który stands behind the issuance of permits for drilling in that area. Oil companies believe there may be oil deposits estimated at 15-20 billion near the reefów barrels.

– We need to protect the reef and the entire region at the mouth of the Amazon from the greed of corporations thatóre putting profits above the environment – stated Thiago Almeida, a member of the Brazilian branch of Greenpeace. He also confirmed that licensing processes for conglomeratesóin oil are already underway.

Researchers surveyed and took the first images of the reef using a miniature submarine. The reefs are mostly located in well-sunlit areas and are definitely more saline than the reefs in the Amazon delta.

– This reef is important for many reasonsów. Primarily because it has extremely low insolation and unique water properties – said Nils Asp of the Universidade Federal do Pará, który was one of the authoróIn last year’s publication in „Science Advances”.

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