Experts through a healthy diet and exercise can avoid half of cancers

Experts: with a healthy diet and exercise, half of cancers can be avoided

A healthy diet and regular physical activity can contribute to halving the incidence of malignant tumors, experts said in the capital during the 2nd National Nutrition Congress.

A healthy diet and exercise – these two lifestyle elements play a very important role in the treatment of osób treated for cancer. – We have evidence that in our country in the last 25 years about 325 thousand. osób probably avoided getting cancer – because they changed their eating habits – said Prof. Miroslaw Jarosz, director of the Institute of Food and Nutrition, whichóry was the organizer of the event.

The specialist pointed out that such habit changes have contributed to thisóin the diet of Polesów: reducing fat intakeóin animals in favor of fatóin plants or an increase in the consumption of vegetables and fruitsów, whichóre are the best source ofóI was an antioxidantów, including vitamins such as vitamin A and C and other compoundsóin bioactive, które can protect the comórki of our body from the effects of harmful factorsów. Ingredients of vegetables and fruitów alleviate inflammation, protect DNA from damage, and increase its repair capacity, and thusób can contribute to inhibiting or even reversing theócation of the cancer process.

– Salt intake has also declined in recent decades, which may have contributed to the fact that the incidence of stomach cancer has dropped threefold over 30-40 years. This is a very tangible proofód on the fact that changing the habitóin nutrition, lifestyle changes can really bring a lot of social benefits, as róAlso economic – stressed Prof. Jarosz. Currently, malignant neoplasms are the second cause of death in Polandów, and the first in the group of osób in reproductive age.

The expert zwróHe pointed out that in recent dietary trends PolakóThe dietary patterns in the country have unfortunately changed to the disadvantage – the consumption of vegetables and fruits has decreasedóin and fish. – For at least a dozen years, the consumption of vegetables and fruitów grew, which translated nicely into a decrease in the incidence of for esophageal cancer or the slowdown in colorectal cancer cases. But we are now seeing the opposite trend – mówished by a specialist.

He recalled that in the increase in the incidence of cancer, an important role is played by the increasingly frequent intake of simple fatsód Polesóin obesity. – It can be said that obesity is a chronic subclinical inflammation in the body, and this in turn is the substrate for the development of a great many diseasesób cancer – explained prof. Jarosz.

Low physical activity and poor diet are major risk factors

Iwona Sajór from the IZ┼╗ reminded that an example of a malignant neoplasm in which theórego development of which obesity and dietary factors leading to it play a very large role, is breast cancer. – This is mainly about high intake of sugróin simple, fattyów ogóI, but also fatóin saturated, cholesterol, and low intake of dietary fiber – she explained.

According to her, to reduce the risk of breast cancer one should eat a lot of vegetables, preferably rócolorful. – With vegetables we can’t overdo it, there is no górne intake limit. But there is a lower limit – we should not eat less than 400 grams per day – said the specialist. It is also necessary to remember to include fruits in the dietów, whole-grain productsóin cereal, defatted productsóin dairy, fish, eggs, lean meat, and avoid productsóIn processed containing a large number of calories.

Prof. Jarosz stressed that breast cancer risk is significantly influenced by alcohol consumption. – There is no safe dose. Even the smallest amounts, i.e. 6-8 gramsóin pure ethanol daily, already pose a risk of breast cancer – said.

The role of physical activity in prevention was highlighted by Prof. Marek Wozniewski of the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw. – It is difficult to think about maintaining a healthy body weight by taking care only of proper nutrition, without adequate physical activity. Low physical activity is now recognized as one of the primary factors in theóAt the risk of all illób of civilization, including cancer – highlighted.

Meanwhile, during the 20th century. The participation of human muscles in performing daily activities has decreased by 80 percent. – Poles are among the laziest nationsóin Europe. In dwóch recent Eurobarometer survey, we ranked respectively shóste and ósme place among theód least active population in the EU – lamented prof. Wozniewski. Physical activity can have anti-cancer effects m.In. because it improves immune system function and reduces inflammation.

The Second National Nutrition Congress, held under the banner of the "Food and nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseaseób – progress 2016", specialists in dietetics, oncology, gastroenterology, as well as those involved in physical activity are taking part. The event was held under the media patronage of the Polish Press Agency.

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