Combat suit of the future designed by a Lodz-based start-up

Combat suit of the future designed by a Lodz-based start-up

A Lodz-based start-up – Heimdall Combat Systems – has designed an electronics-soaked combat suit designed for commandos, rescue workers and firefighters. The project is of interest to m.In. Polish special units and French MSW.

Heimdall Combat Systems has developed the concept of the suit with the participation of researchers from the Medical University of Lodz, łóAcademy of Fine Arts, the Academic Design Center and several other start-upsóin the associated Lódzki Armory District.

The combat suit can be used during training. Thanks to the sensors in it, it will be possible to monitor the condition of a commando or firefighter in real time. – The idea is to optimize the training cycle so that these soldiers are equally trained, but subjected to less stress – said Przemyslaw Nowakowski, one of the twórcóIn the concept of the suit.

Above all, however, it will prove itself in combat conditions. The suit, according to the project, is to contain more than a dozen sensorsów, but their type will depend on their intended use. Suits for soldiers will have a different set of sensorsów than for rescuersów or firefighterów.

It will be possible to mount gyroscopeóin and sensorsóIn acceleration monitoring speed and posture, a sensoróin gas, temperature, as well as a combat computer. All data from the sensorów will be shown on the helmet’s display and transmitted to the dowóstockholders.

During action, soldiers or firefighters will be monitored in real time. Dowódca will receive data from the sensoróIn the suit and if the situation requires it, it will be móhead to send support or assistance to the wearer of the suit.

In addition to data on the soldier or firefighter himself, such as pulse, heart rate or hydration levels, the suit will also collect environmental data – ambient temperature or the content of noxious gases in the airóin and toxin.

– If something happens to a person during an action, dowóThe firefighter receives his data from the sensoróIn other words, it is known that this person needs helpóc. Medics at this point can respond, and colleagues can get out the firefighterófrom debris. The suit is designed not only to help and support in the training cycle, but actually to save lives – Nowakowski said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

High interest in the project

Work on the concept took two years. During this time, the project’s authors collected and identified the needs of firefightersów, commandoów and a rescuerów. Talks are currently underway with potential investors. TwóThey are also applying for EU funds.

According to the authorów, prototype móHeads would form within a year, and within twoóch years could start production. Twórcy disclosed that there is considerable interest in the concept. Representatives of Polish special units became interested in the project. It also interested representatives of the French Interior Ministry, whichóre wyróżc awarded the concept at the Paris Innovation Fair with a silver medal.

The design of the wyrówas also awarded a silver medal at the Innovation Fair in Katowice, a silver medal and the Top Innovators award at the Brussels-Innova Innovation Fair in Belgium.

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