A new species of gibbon named after a character from “Star Wars”

A new species of gibbon named after a character from “Star Wars”

A new species of gibbon lives in the tropical forests of southwestern China. Scientists have been looking at it for some time, but have only now determined that it is different enough from other gibbons to constitute a distinct species.

A new species has been named after a character from the „Whistle Wars” – Skywalker hulok. The explorers make no secret of the fact that they are fans of the star saga, but they were prompted to such and not another name by the Chinese term for the animal – "Hoolock tianxing", which can be translated as „celestial movement” Or „walking in the sky”.

All species of gibbonów are on the verge of extinction. They are also all listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List , która contains a list of speciesów plants and animals threatened with extinction.

Skywalker gibbons can be found in Bangladesh, Burma, China and India. RóThey are distinguished from the rest of the family primarily by their facial coloration and „song”, którymi mark their territory.

The exact number of Skywalker populationsów is unknown. Researchers believe there are about 200 of them living in China. To this must be added individuals from the surrounding areaóIn, but even taking this into account, their population is not large. Caused by habitat loss, that is, the forestów, które are being cleared over an increasing area for agricultural fields.

– Through loss of habitat, hunting and overpopulation, species in the area are becoming extinct, admitted Dr. Sam Turvey of the Zoological Society of London. – It is a real honor to see something as peculiar and rare as a gibbon in the rainforests of China. Especially if this gibbon is a new species previously unknown to science – added.

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